Monday, May 27, 2013

Bubble Bath

After a long day of working outside, which was great, and the turkey calls, which were not so great, I decided I deserved a bubble bath.  aaaahhhh...bubbles.  Hot cocoa scented bubble bath.  Nothing like it.  What a calm, relaxing activity, right?  MY ALONE TIME!!  After I am situated in my soothing bath with my eyes closed, I suddenly realize I am not alone in the bathroom.  Slowly, cautiously I open my eyes to find that the cat, Charles, is sitting on the side of the tub batting at my bubbles.  I try to chase him away, to no avail.  He walks all the way around the edge of the tub and stops by my head where he bats more bubbles.  Once again, my attempts to chase him away fail, but I did manage to get him to continue his jaunt around the side of the tub and he goes back to my feet, where the faucet is.  He decides he is going to stretch to the faucet...front paws on he faucet, back paws still on the edge of the tub.  Then, being the oh so clever fellow that he is, he decides that he is going to STAND on the faucet with all 4 paws.  And he succeeded for a brief moment, then teeter forward, HOLD IT...STEADY BOY....teeter backward......SPLASH!  The look on his face was priceless.  I think he thinks I pushed him because he hasn't even looked at me since.

Great Day

Wow, what a productive day we have had.  We planted 30 tomato plants, 2 different types of corn, broccoli and cauliflower.  We still have to put our peppers in and then we have some other things to put in as well.  Had a great time doing it tho.  So, we decide it's time to relax and Jake gets the lawn chairs and we pick our spot in the yard.  I sit down with my computer and he sits down with something and I'm set to enjoy some peace and quiet.  HOWEVER....his idea of relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors is practicing his turkey calls.  Sigh....and there are A LOT of them.  So,as irritating as it is, I'm sitting here chuckling because he has no clue that I am sitting here wondering how to politely tell him where I would like to put those turkey calls :), and he is enjoying it so much that I don't have the heart to tell him that I want to rip my eardrums out so that I never have to hear them again.  hehehehe.  All in all, a great day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dog vs Hydrant

You know the saying...some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant?  I want to be the dog.  I have my "hydrant" all picked out :O)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Babies In The House

That's right 4 baby turkeys in the house.  I forgot how much sleep you miss when there are babies in the house.  I can't WAIT for it to warm up so they can go in their pen outside.  But I have to say, I am enjoying watching them.  The one especially already seems to have quite a bit of personality and is absolutely fascinated with Ozzie.  Which is funny because Ozzie is scared to death of him.  He's my gentle giant.  He's a good 100 pounds and he is scared of a 3 week old baby turkey. 

In other news, the sleep deprivation is catching up with my husband and he has his cranky pants pulled up over his head.  Mother Nature, if you could speed up the warmer temperatures so these babies can move outside and we can get some sleep, I promise that next winter I'll cut my complaining in half.  Well, 1/4 for sure.  :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day.  Looks like we will be getting some rain, but still, super nice outside.  Our apple tree is in full bloom and is absolutely gorgeous.  I have to get some pictures to share.  Makes me smile every time I look at it.

Today I think I will do some spring cleaning.  I really don't want to, but I need to.  I can think of a gazillion things I would rather do, but the more I get done through the week, the less I will have to do this weekend and if there's one thing I hate it is "working" on my days off.  And on that note, I think I'll finish my coffee and get started.  Have a great day!

Monday, May 6, 2013


I'm a little lost...I thought when I typed in "I'm A Newb" that it was going to be the title of my post.  Apparently not.  But that's ok.  I'm a newb and it shows!  Thought it would be fun to do a blog.  I don't usually have anything important to say, but I love to talk.  I work from home and I don't have a lot of contact with the outside world, so this is great. 

My big news for the night is my son is buying us dinner.  He has ordered chicken wings.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine.  We used to have them quite frequently until we decided to adopt a somewhat healthier lifestyle.  I say somewhat because, well, it still needs some work, but it is better than what it was.  Speaking of which, it's almost time for my dinner break and I have one report to transcribe before I can leave my desk.  Better get to it!