Monday, May 27, 2013

Bubble Bath

After a long day of working outside, which was great, and the turkey calls, which were not so great, I decided I deserved a bubble bath.  aaaahhhh...bubbles.  Hot cocoa scented bubble bath.  Nothing like it.  What a calm, relaxing activity, right?  MY ALONE TIME!!  After I am situated in my soothing bath with my eyes closed, I suddenly realize I am not alone in the bathroom.  Slowly, cautiously I open my eyes to find that the cat, Charles, is sitting on the side of the tub batting at my bubbles.  I try to chase him away, to no avail.  He walks all the way around the edge of the tub and stops by my head where he bats more bubbles.  Once again, my attempts to chase him away fail, but I did manage to get him to continue his jaunt around the side of the tub and he goes back to my feet, where the faucet is.  He decides he is going to stretch to the faucet...front paws on he faucet, back paws still on the edge of the tub.  Then, being the oh so clever fellow that he is, he decides that he is going to STAND on the faucet with all 4 paws.  And he succeeded for a brief moment, then teeter forward, HOLD IT...STEADY BOY....teeter backward......SPLASH!  The look on his face was priceless.  I think he thinks I pushed him because he hasn't even looked at me since.


  1. He's a funny cat. He's almost a year old now and has settled down quite a bit, but is sooo curious and always seems to find some sort of trouble.